Courtney Morgan



Courtney Morgan is a self-proclaimed “graphic designer, strategic thinker, inspiration seeker and insane brand lover.” She brings passionate energy and perspective to the team.

Courtney earned a visual communication design degree from the University of Dayton and has a background in traditional print design. She quickly learned that it’s best to absorb as much as possible in this ever-changing industry.

Telling authentic and unique brand stories in a meaningful way starts with recognizing truths and collaborating to expand them. When we allow ourselves to recognize our truths, we can better find our individuality and collaborate with others. I’m inspired by the passion our clients have an openness to learning their truths. I enjoy helping organizations find their identity in a marketplace and making sure the outcome is true and meaningful is the whole point of it all.

She has helped create holistic brands from the ground up, executed digital UX/UI experiences and has worked with clients while leading projects. Before coming to Intrinzic, Courtney worked at Possible, Rocket Science + Design and Graphica.

Courtney lives in Newport with her cat, Franz. In her free time, she enjoys Pilates, yoga and spending time with friends and family.


Intrinzic Inc. One Levee Way Suite 3121 Newport KY, 41071


(869) 261.2200 Ext.5041