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Collaboration Starts With You:

In the world of Web, designers and developers are both digital problem solvers with two very different approaches to their craft. When the two are truly collaborating, the results can be impressive—meaningful user experiences driven by clear purpose, which can be implemented, measured, and inspire action. As a digital designer and the director of the web process at my agency, I’ve benefited from a close working relationship between design and development and I know firsthand how much more impact my work can have when I grow a solid partnership with my developer. But, as with any type of collaboration, the trick is to overcome the...
Sarah Eisenman
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One perfect shot:

Imagine: you’ve gathered the perfect team. The weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy in the low 70s. The models are all on time. The food is ordered. The equipment is set up and working properly. The subject matter—a mint condition 1967 Ford Mustang is…uh oh. Where’s the car? If one piece of this delicate puzzle is missing, the whole photoshoot could fall apart. Tens of thousands of dollars to capture these few shots, and it could all go down the drain. Try again tomorrow? Well, the photographer is booked tomorrow, it looks like it is supposed to rain, and we have six other shots...
Abby Otting
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First up on your daily to-do list…

It’s the middle of the week and I’m sitting at my desk with a massive to-do list. There are five different projects that I’m juggling, I’m answering questions from my teammates, and making sure that I’m communicating everything to my clients that they need to know. I’ve also been on and off the phone with a vendor that’s working on a print job for us. Just your average day… you know the drill. And that to-do list seems to just keep getting longer. If I’m not being mindful about the day, I’ll stay tied to my desk, hunched over my laptop, locked in focus on...
Abby Otting
Posted by Abby Otting


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