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Is data the solution or the problem?

There’s little question that technology has changed the entire dynamic of the marketing industry. The influx of data, along with behavioral retargeting, has allowed brands to communicate a desired message to a desired audience with extreme precision. What isn’t so clear is the impact these changes have had on the relationship between brands and their consumers. In fact, what once looked like the opening of the floodgate of opportunity is actually leading to the rapid erosion of brand value. The branding industry has evolved from “target marketing” to what essentially qualifies as high-level engineering. This should mean that brands are more relevant and therefore more...
Chris Heile
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Getting my driver’s license was one of the more terrifying days of my life—and let’s be honest, my parents’ lives, as well. Not because I finally had the freedom to hit the open road at the ripe old age of 16, but because I knew that it was the beginning of the end of being eternally “lost.” I have always been what my family calls "directionally challenged," even with my keen visual sense of the world around me. Getting in the car with me behind the wheel is nothing short of an adventure—for the passenger, obviously. People can’t just tell me to “head north” or...
Sarah Fry
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Creepy or Convenient:

Svedka Vodka is embracing the “creepy” this Halloween season in their latest “Banner Ad Curse” campaign. Exploiting the negative sentiment associated with online advertising, they are utilizing a tongue-in-cheek, data-driven approach to reach their target audience through videos and banners. If a user has engaged with Svedka, is engaged with the vodka category or is a data “look-a-like” with one of their customers, they’re likely being stalked by these ads and I love it. Svedka Vodka's "Banner Ad Curse" campaign. Why do I love this approach when razor companies, wedding vendors, food delivery services, investment companies, and jewelry are doing the same thing, following me...
Abby Otting
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Culture-centric companies win in the experience economy:

It has been almost 20 years since Joseph Pine and James Gilmore introduced the business world to the idea of the “experience economy.” This idea—that audiences buy experiences over products or services—is more relevant today than it has ever been. Experience drives business and buying decisions regardless of whether you are selling to other businesses or to consumers. Experience is your brand whether you realize it or not. The person answering the phone, the technician who fixes the glitch, the way you send an invoice, or the shelf your product is currently sitting on are all aspects of the overall brand experience and they are...
Dave Townsend
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You Had Me At Why:

Earlier this year, Intrinzic kicked off work with the 2017 class at the Brandery, a four-month accelerator program in Cincinnati for startups selected via a competitive application pool. As a brand mentor, we were paired with a startup company to provide branding and marketing advice and resources as they worked towards their pitch to investors. We were matched with a Brandery startup through a speed dating exercise where we had 15 minutes with each company for them to introduce themselves and their idea and for us to explain what we do. We each then ranked our top picks and were paired accordingly. My colleagues and...
Katie Peters
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One perfect shot:

Imagine: you’ve gathered the perfect team. The weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy in the low 70s. The models are all on time. The food is ordered. The equipment is set up and working properly. The subject matter—a mint condition 1967 Ford Mustang is…uh oh. Where’s the car? If one piece of this delicate puzzle is missing, the whole photoshoot could fall apart. Tens of thousands of dollars to capture these few shots, and it could all go down the drain. Try again tomorrow? Well, the photographer is booked tomorrow, it looks like it is supposed to rain, and we have six other shots...
Abby Otting
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Is your brand afraid of the dark?

Fear is a powerful thing. And if you’re not careful, it can become debilitating. It can also become a benchmark for opportunities you never knew existed. I found this out when I stepped foot onto the stage for my very first dance recital when I was a little girl. I was terrified of the enormity of the audience (which was probably about 10 people), of messing up, and of freezing on stage. But none of those things happened. The recital went as smoothly as any toddler recital could go, and I would go on to repeat the harrowing act countless times as I danced my...
Abby Otting
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The Brand Recipe Box:

Since its launch seven years ago, Pinterest has revolutionized the ways we share baking and recipe inspiration. The app keenly harnessed peoples’ desire for pretty pictures and the sensorial nature of food photography became a driver of the platform. Taking a cue from Pinterest, content creators such as Buzzfeed’s Tasty optimized the “how to” video for social, depicting mouthwatering kitchen creations as so quick and easy to assemble that you can’t not want to at least give them a try just once. If you look at recipe books I owned pre-Pinterest, you will find post-it tabs of tried and true recipes to use again, along...
Michelle Kolenz
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You’ve got to laugh a little…

The minute I graduated from college I could feel the seriousness of life begin to creep in. I needed a job, and for that I needed a car. Sitting in the dealership, I stared at the stack of papers in front of me, realizing that, yes, I actually had to read them and try to understand them. This would be the first time in my life my signature would really hold me to something. And the rest of my life was probably going to be filled with documents I might struggle to understand. This first moment of “adulting” (there have been many others since) felt...
Savannah Heekin
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The Undeniable Magnetism of Brand Culture:

Customers today are skeptics. Who can blame us? In the last ten years, we’ve lived through the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. People feel they’ve been burned by our financial and government institutions. For brands, the Great Recession was the final nail in the coffin of smoke and mirrors marketing. Nearly 10 years later, I think marketing has changed for the better. The internet of things has brought people access to unprecedented information, giving us more power in the choices we make about what to buy. Now, the most successful brands are those that are deeply in touch with who they are and...
Wendy Vonderhaar
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