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Super Bowl LII Advertising:

In our era of on-demand television, the Super Bowl is one of the few cultural events Americans still collectively watch as it unfolds across their big screens on the first Sunday night in February. On the field, the teams drive the narrative—and it’s on them to determine whether the night ends in an overtime nailbiter or a blowout dud. But, after the game (unless your team is the winner), the stories we remember best are the ones that frame the game—the commercials. With NBC charging an estimated $5 million per 30 second spot for Super Bowl LII, brands are under incredible pressure to get their...
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The Best Innovations Grow From Your Roots:

When Barney Kroger opened his first grocery store in 1883—The Great Western Tea Company—it wasn’t long before he started rapidly expanding his enterprise. Within a few short years he owned 4 stores. Twenty years later, it was 4o, plus a factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. Barney Kroger’s success was the result of a shrewd knack for innovation that he started honing at the age of 13, when he left school to help his family through a period of financial hardship. There’s no doubt that experience contributed to his notorious drive to win. Beginning with a job selling coffee and tea door-to-door, Kroger developed an innate understanding...
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Attracting consumer attention and gaining trust:

By Kara Svenson, Marketing Communications Co-op Today, consumers are bombarded with information on a daily basis. It can be hard to break through the crowd to gain a consumer’s attention and trust. One effective way for brands and marketers to accomplish this is through influencer marketing. ### What is it? Influencer marketing involves leveraging the endorsement and audience reach of a person, brand or group that has clout with your target market. Endorsements can include writing a review, posting on social media and more. This “influencer” can have impact because of their experience and knowledge, reputation or following base. Some common influencers include bloggers, celebrities,...
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