Intrinzic is seeking a full-time digital designer. We're looking for a pixel pushing genius, who elevates everything he or she touches, and is malleable, resourceful and disciplined. The digital designer would be responsible for conceptualizing, designing and developing high-quality print and web-based materials that align with specific client needs while meeting deadlines and making an impact on our clients and community. Deliverables include strategic concepts, wireframes, sitemaps, website design, presentations, proposals and deliverables for print and digital media. Production, modification and maintenance of websites and web applications user interfaces is a requirement.

Functional Skills and Duties

  • Generates brilliant design concepts, and sees them through from sitemap to product launch
  • Has a strong understanding of HTML, CSS programming as it relates to design
  • Uses design thinking and strategy to provide solutions that meet clients needs
  • Works with development vendors and partners to successfully produce the digital and/or print products
  • Updates and maintains current web properties while keeping a high standard of technical functionality and user experience
  • Has strong knowledge of established and emerging development tools and how they impact design, functionality and usability
  • Is confident when it comes to interface design, site architecture, website design, application, design, front end coding, some back end coding, website maintenance, ownership/guidance of back end dev partners, digital thought leadership

Leadership Skills

  • Strong team player with ability to perform, deliver and lead by example
  • Self motivated to learn, grow, educate and inspire others when it comes to front end dev and digital design principals
  • Understands timing and resourcing needed
  • Trains/educates other non-technical staff
  • Self-manages small to medium-sized design projects


  • 2 to 5 years experience, preferably working in an agency environment
  • a 4-year degree in a related field

To be considered for this position, submit your resume and a showcase of work to Dave Townsend. If your credentials are a good fit, we will contact you to schedule an interview.