Digital Marketing

Digital communication is your brand’s front door.

The first place your audience experiences your brand is very likely through a digital channel. The connection they make – or don’t make – with you online influences every interaction they have with you. That’s why any digital project we work on starts with a deep understanding of your brand, your audience and your goals.

Asking the right questions

Our work spans B2B and B2C campaigns, and blends smart strategic direction with the cutting edge of what digital technology offers. But, before we tackle your digital challenges, we start by asking the right questions to know what your customer expects and how a digital campaign or tactic can grow the relationship. Your customers are making a choice to visit your digital space, and every click they make is an opportunity for you to strengthen your connection with them.

Intrinzic’s experience runs across the digital universe.

Our experience includes

  • Web design
  • Gamification programs
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital advertising
  • SEO
  • Mobile apps
  • Intranet content and internal digital communications

Here are a few samples of our work: