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The foundation of building a brand starts with taking a new perspective. The world is constantly evolving, and with it, so are our thoughts and ideas. Our people share insights on various topics within the industry in hopes of discovering common bonds and sparking conversations.
Thank You for 20 Years! Earlier this year, the Intrinzic team celebrated our 20th anniversary. This 20-year journey has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs and several unexpected turns along the way. I quickly learned that you don’t survive, and thrive, without a LOT of help. Thank goodness I’ve had it in spades. As I count my blessings this holiday season, I want to thank the many people that have contributed to our success over the years. First and foremost, thank you to the many people that have been part of the Intrinzic team. Some had short tenures, others have been...
Rob Pasquinucci
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci

Intrinzic Celebrates 20 Years

Intrinzic recently celebrated 20 years in business, a major milestone for any organization, especially one working in the challenging world of brand development. Intrinzic started as a small graphic design company and has grown to become one of the region’s most respected branding and integrated marketing firms, thriving through four presidents, two economic downturns and the rapid growth of social media. “Despite dramatic changes in the industry and in our market, we’ve remained committed to having an impact in our clients’ businesses, our community and each other,” said Wendy Vonderhaar, CEO. “I’m continually inspired by the talent and dedication of our team as we push...
Rob Pasquinucci
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci

Giving Thanks by Giving Back

Thanksgiving is emerging as my favorite holiday. Nestled between the over-commercialized Halloween and Christmas, it tends to fly under the radar, and what’s not to like? Friends, family, food – and yes – more food! There’s no pressure to come up with a clever costume or the perfect gift. It’s a holiday that requires very little. Fix a meal to share with family and friends, sit back and enjoy – and, of course, be thankful.   A few years ago, my mother started a new tradition where we all – kids and grandkids included – write down what we are thankful for that particular year....
Wendy Vonderhaar
Posted by Wendy Vonderhaar

Inspiration: Why it’s essential to our culture

We talk a lot about inspiration around here. It's baked into the work we do and  it's a core principle we live by. It's fair to say inspiration is a driving force for the way we do business. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Chris, gets to this point much better than I could in this article. So I'm not going to retrace that ground, but rather I want to take this opportunity to frame some of the reasons why we put inspiration at the center of our business.   We are a culture driven company. In practicing what we preach, we expend a lot of time and energy to purposefully create a culture that truly captures who...
Dave Townsend
Posted by Dave Townsend
Branding Design Thinking

How We Found Inspiration in Collaboration

Inspiration can be found anywhere, but when we teamed up with CR Architecture + Design to brand the revival of a historic hotel, we found it in collaboration.   I try to let anything and everything inspire me. I also tend to romanticize everything. For example, instead of flying to Rhode Island last year, I took a train. My romantic side said it would be a way to see America – both its beautiful terrain and its people. In reality, it was a fairly uncomfortable 24 hours of being on a train. Nevertheless, the people and places I saw inspired me. I find inspiration in...
Matt Boylson
Posted by Matt Boylson

Finding common ground

In a world that feels constantly divided over politics, sports teams, and the color of a certain dress, finding commonalities is more important to consumers than ever. If a customer feels they can no longer relate to the product or service they are purchasing, or the people trying to sell it to them, they will quickly go in search of another. We have a seemingly endless number of choices, and the power to select which companies and brands we best relate to. As your customers face their many options, how can you discover and promote commonalities to attract the ideal audience for your brand? Be...
Michelle Kolenz
Posted by Michelle Kolenz

The Brand Imperative That Can Determine Success or Failure

Ever heard of the brand, Wesabe? How about Webvan? No? You’ve likely never heard of them because they were promising businesses that died in their infancy. You have heard of Mint.com and Amazon Prime Now. These massive operations are what could have been for Wesabe and Webvan, respectively. Wesabe was a personal finance website that opened in 2006 and closed a short time later in 2010. It was meant to be a site that would help consumers budget their money and make better spending decisions. At the height of its success, the company received ample venture capital financing and signed up 150,000 members. But a...
Katie Peters
Posted by Katie Peters

5 Tips on How to Get the Most out of Your Internship

This fall marks the start of a lot of great things in my life: the start of my senior year, the start of my study abroad experience to London, and the start of a new apartment lease with my best friend. It also marks the end of my internship here at Intrinzic, where I have spent three months shadowing the account team on day-to-day tasks. I’ve interned a few times before, but with this experience under my belt I’m ready to share some of the tips I’ve learned from the inimitable experience of professional practice. Note: These are my tips—right, wrong or indifferent—so please take...
Nathan Nye
Posted by Nathan Nye
Branding Design

Using Design Thinking to Understand Your Brand Essence

As humans, we all have our own unique story. Every mistake made, lesson learned and achievement gained came from a journey that has allowed us to land where we have today. Those journeys, exciting, adventurous, and, at times totally exhausting, are what build the details of our one-of-a-kind stories that can’t be replicated or edited by ourselves or anybody else. They’re our ever-growing foundation that reminds us where we came from while simultaneously influencing our direction forward. Like people, organizations experience their own unique journey that builds their foundation. Of course elements like heritage and perspective have a major role in developing a journey, but...
Courtney Morgan
Posted by Courtney Morgan
Design Thinking

Beyond the Facts: How Stories Unite

Intrinzic’s Rob Pasquinucci recently sat down with Craig Atkinson, Vice President of Communications and Strategic Services at The Walsh Group and Safety Week Committee Chair, to discuss how storytelling techniques have the power to motivate audiences across an entire industry. Rob: We just wrapped up another successful Safety Week campaign. One of the elements that has been a key part of the campaign over the last few years is a push to go beyond merely telling workers to “do safe things,” but to develop narratives that rally workers to consistently WANT to make safe choices. Why did the committee choose to do this? Craig: We...
Rob Pasquinucci
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci


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