Emily Kennedy



Emily loves the opportunity to translate an organization’s mission and beliefs into something inspiring. She relishes the opportunity to tell meaningful and inspiring stories.

What inspires/drives you each day?

What excites me most about our work is the opportunity to tell meaningful and inspiring stories—to dive deep into a brand or organization, learn what they’re about, what makes them unique, and then bring it to life in a way that deeply resonates with them.

I live for the moments when clients tell us they got goosebumps or teared up because of the feeling they got from our work.”

When not at work or spending time with her husband, daugther and dog, Emily runs the home decorating and do-it-yourself website Two Purple Couches, where she shares home improvement projects, seasonal decorating ideas and DIY and crafts tutorials. And yes, she does really own two purple couches!

She holds a BA in creative writing from Ohio Northern University and comes to Intrinzic after leading the creative development of several well-known brands.